Live-in carer duties

The duties of a Corinium Care carer very much depend on the needs of the client.

Generally our carers are on hand to help with personal care such as washing and bathing, to do household duties such as cooking, cleaning and shopping, and to help make their client’s life as rich as possible.

Sometimes carers might walk the dog and look after a much-loved cat.

Most of all, our live-in carers are always there to provide companionship and peace of mind. They encourage their client to be as independent as possible whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing. Carers are expected to look after clients with the same compassion as they would a member of their own family by helping them perform the activities of daily living. Common sense, patience and a sense of humour are helpful attributes!

Realising the importance of continuity to both our clients and carers, we try and propose the same regular carer for each client so the two individuals can build a good rapport based on mutual respect and understanding.  The carer is employed for a minimum seven-day period on a live-in basis. They are fully informed of the routine and care aspects of the job before they go and are trained to cope with the needs of the particular client and supported every step of the way.