Respite care

Returning home from hospital after surgery or a debilitating illness can be a challenging prospect if you or your relative are not quite fit or well enough to cope alone. Here at Corinium Care, we understand that sometimes live-in respite care, an extra pair of hands to help you or a family member get back to full strength, can be a welcome solution for a few weeks.

We are regularly called upon to provide live-in respite care when clients have had a knee or hip operation, emergency surgery or have experienced a period of ill health and are in need of extra support when they get home to recuperate.

We are able to assist clients with post-operative exercise plans and provide a healthy diet of freshly cooked food to get clients back on the road to health.

Having a live-in carer for a short period offers family members a break, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your relative is receiving round-the-clock care and companionship when they need it most.

We welcome calls from clients who might be looking at a period of live-in respite care and we are happy to discuss individual requirements and create a care plan personally tailored to suit you.

If you’d like to talk to someone about the option of respite care, please call 01453 839290 and one of our friendly head-office team will be happy to help.