Our live-in carers in Hertfordshire

Welcome to Corinium Care in Hertfordshire.

We are a live-in care agency which combines confidentiality, compassion and peace of mind and provides round-the-clock care when you or your elderly relative can no longer manage alone at home.

My mum can’t manage alone at home any more 

Live-in care is a good option when you or a relative have decided that living alone is becoming a challenge.

You might be asking yourself what to do about your mum or dad when they are no longer as fit and able as they were. You don’t want to opt for residential care, but don’t know what else to do to make sure your parents are safe and happy in the home they’ve shared all their married lives.

However much relatives wish to provide full-time care, it’s not always possible.

That’s when a live-in carer is the perfect solution.

What do live-in carers do?

Live-in carers carry out a host of tasks from cleaning and cooking to feeding the cat. They benefit from our award-winning training where they are trained to deal with all forms of dementia and personal care. One of the most important benefits of live-in care is the support and gentle companionship they bring at a difficult time.

Our live-in carers in Hertfordshire 

Our live-in carers in Hertfordshire come from all walks of life, many of them from South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as the UK. What they have in common is a caring nature, and a desire to make their client feel safe and comfortable in their own home.

How do I know my parents will be safe? 

Knowing your ageing mum and dad are safe is the most important requirement for all our clients. At Corinium Care we pride ourselves on our high standards. We insist on compassion, confidentiality and caring in equal measure. We have won a string of awards for everything from our training to customer care. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about live-in care in Hertfordshire please use the Callback button on this page and we’ll be pleased to ring you, or call 01453 839290.