Live in Care Worcestershire

Live in Care Worcestershire

Welcome to Corinium Care in Worcestershire.

We are a live-in care agency where confidentiality, compassion and caring go hand in hand.

Based in Gloucestershire since 1995, we provide live-in carers all over the UK, primarily in the south and including Worcestershire.

When is the right time to seek live-in care? 

It’s good to consider live-in care when you or your family have an elderly relative who is finding it difficult to manage alone at home. Maybe you have started thinking along the following lines:

  • mum can’t really manage alone and we can’t be there all the time to help her;
  • dad isn’t coping very well since mum died;
  • mum doesn’t want to go into a home but she can’t really cope at home any more;
  • mum and dad are very confused and we’re worried about them.

Many frail and elderly people don’t want to go to a residential home and would be fine at home – if only they had some support.

That’s when a live-in carer is the perfect solution.

What can we expect from a live-in carer?

Live-in carers carry out a multitude of tasks from cooking and cleaning to walking the dog and feeding the cat. They are trained to deal with dementia and personal care. Most of all they provide support and gentle companionship at a challenging time.

Our live-in carers

Our live-in carers in Worcestershire come from all walks of life but what they have in common is a caring nature, and a desire to make their client feel safe and comfortable in their own home. Many come from the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

High standards are our watchword

At Corinium Care we pride ourselves on our high standards. We insist on compassion, confidentiality and caring in equal measure. We have won a string of awards for everything from our training to customer care. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about live-in care in Worcestershire please use the Callback button on this page and we’ll be pleased to ring you, or call 01453 839290.