Cura Domi is now part of Corinium Care

Cura Domi is now part of the Corinium Care family. We continue to offer exceptional live-in care within your own home but with an even better service from a multi-award-winning team.

Set up in 1995, Corinium Care is one of the leading live-in care agencies in the UK where high standards, quality and compassion matter most and where the personal touch is at the heart of all we do.

Based in Gloucestershire, we operate all over the UK, inlcluding Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our network of field-based Care Managers ensure that support for our clients and carers is never far away and we offer ongoing reviews, regular visits and weekly telephone contact.

Our clients

Our Corinium Care and Cura Domi clients come to us with varying health conditions. Many have a history of dementia, from short-term memory loss to advanced Alzheimer’s disease or vascular dementia. Others are living with long-term conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer or stroke. We also offer excellent short-term respite or post-operative care packages.

Whatever their needs, our client’s wellbeing and peace of mind always comes first. This is one of the reasons Corinium Care has achieved a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Our carers

After more than 20 years providing care, we know just how important it is for our clients to have the right person alongside them, offering full-time care and companionship for as long as required. That’s why our live-in carers are second to none.

All are carefully selected and benefit from Corinium Care’s own award-winning training programme. They come from all walks of life but what they have in common is a caring nature, and a desire to make their client feel safe and comfortable in their own home.

Our history

The company was set up in 1995. Since then, Corinium Care has continued growing to become one of the leading agencies in the UK. We pride ourselves on our record of pushing for the best in the live-in care industry.  Our belief in a team ethos and the highest standards for both our clients and our carers is central to our success.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to know more please use the Callback button on this page and allow us to ring you, or call us on 01453 839290.