Carer updates

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2020 Refresher Training Dates

Here are the refresher training dates for 2020. To book your space, please visit our online booking page here

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2019 Pay Dates

Here you can download the latest pay dates for 2019 for those who receive fortnightly pay and those of you who receieve monthly pay.

COR Payroll dates 2019 2-weekly
COR Payroll dates 2019 4-weekly


Please ensure all company documents are completed in BLACK ink only.

Each sheet of paper, log or MAR, should be clearly dated and include the client’s name.

Any medication not given should be clearly recorded as to the reasons why

New log book

We are introducing our new style Daily Record Book which is to be used with immediate effect. These need to be clearly marked on the front page with the client’s name, address etc. The inside page contains a section which you should complete including your signature and name printed in full. The books also include financial transaction records. All of these are to be completed in BLACK ink only. Each page should be clearly dated and signed by the person completing with no gaps. These books will run for as long as needed, IE: not one book per month, and as a continuation.

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log book instructions log book instructions

log book instructions log book instructions