Live-in carer training

Corinium Care’s free induction and training courses for new carers are second to none. We also provide regular refresher training for all our carers.

The induction and training courses run from Monday to Friday and is held at our office in Gloucestershire. To be accepted, carers must first complete an online application form and go through a recruitment process to review their suitability for a caring role. If considered suitable, they are then invited to join us.

The five-day courses include moving and handling, First Aid, how to cope with dementia and an introduction to what is required of a carer. Carers are also interviewed and assessed as to their suitability to work as a carer during this period.

Whilst with us, applicants are asked to complete a number of questionnaires and scenario tests to assist the Corinium Care team in understanding more about each new carer’s approach to the caring process and whether they are suited to carer work.

It is quite an intensive course and homework is given out each evening. We also use the training week to complete any paperwork including an enhanced check with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Before you arrive

We recommend that you reserve your place on a training course before making any travel arrangements.

We also suggest that carers coming from overseas allow at least 48 hours’ travelling time before the start of the course which allows a weekend to acclimatise and organise any last-minute travel and paperwork.

Fitness requirements

Because the training includes moving and handling and First Aid which are both very physical, it is important for live-in carers to be relatively fit.

carer trainingPractical tasks which form part and parcel of a carer’s job include kneeling on the floor and getting back on your feet with ease – you must feel comfortable in your ability to do this. You are required to sign a disclaimer stating you have no serious back problems and that you are not pregnant.

These are both essential sections of the course, and failure in one or both modules will result in a carer not being put forward for work.

Training course dates

The training dates for 2020 are:

These dates can be subject to change, so please contact us to check before booking a place.

Accommodation whilst you’re training

We are able to offer accommodation to our trainees in our luxury Railway House Apartments. The cost per night is £15 which covers food and laundry provisions for the week.

Once your training place has been confirmed a member of our recruitment team will forward further details of how you can use our online system to book your place.

And finally . . .

Please note that the course is conducted within office hours and is relatively intensive and there is therefore little time to take people to the bank to open an account, or to top up on talk time for mobile phones, etc. So it’s a good idea to get such tasks sorted out before you arrive.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call the recruitment team on 01453 839731 and check out the Carer faqs on this website.