Live-in carers testimonials

“I had a fantastic week on the training course, I am simply amazed. It was so professional, so informative and so sensible. I am so grateful that I was selected to do it. Camilla is absolutely fantastic – very disciplined and correct and I truly appreciated her professionalism. However, there is a beautiful caring and compassionate side there which I found really endearing. The co-directors and staff are also marvellous. Their knowledge and experience is mind-boggling and it was wonderful to be able to listen to them with their gentle but firm attitude and mannerisms. Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity!”

“Working for Corinium Care has been a pleasure!”

“Corinium offer the best support for both the client and the carers. They are both friendly and professional and really care.”

“How lucky I was to discover Corinium Care – the best company I have ever been involved with. Having delivered lots of training in my professional life, I feared the care training would be a daily grind of stuff I already knew. How wrong I was. The training was varied and relevant, delivered by a team of enthusiastic young women who were obviously very proud of their career choice and of Corinium Care.”

“I am proud to be part of such a professional organisation.”

“I enjoyed the professionalism that was given to carers and the Corinium team have always been approachable in any circumstance.”

“I can only thank Corinium for the support and the work that I was given. Good work and keep on caring!”

“I would recommend Corinium for the enthusiasm of the staff and high level of professionalism.”

“I have been really blessed with the clients I have cared for and the support given by the Corinium ladies!”

“Corinium’s team work is to be commended.”