Care costs

The costs of live-in care vary according to the level of care required. If you would like us to provide an outline of the charges involved, please call us on 01453 839290 and we will be happy to discuss the costs in relation to your particular needs.

As a general guide, costs start from £996.03 per week depending on individual need. Once we have met you and carried out a detailed assessment we will confirm the exact details of the costs involved.

Live-in care charges compare favourably with those of a good residential care home, with the additional benefit of one-to-one care tailored to the client’s individual needs.

For couples, the fees are particularly affordable because we only charge a nominal extra amount for a second client in the same household.

If two live-in care workers are required, we will arrange an individual quotation for you. Please phone us on 01453 839290 for further details.

What our weekly fees cover: 

  • the provision of a trained live-in carer in your home
  • quality care tailored to your individual needs
  • round the clock support from our expert head office team
  • a fully managed service (we employ, manage and maintain training of all our carers)
  • carer holidays, sickness cover and employers’ national insurance

Financing options
If you’re interested in live-in care as an option and are not sure how to go about finance, please get in touch with us. We recognise the potential challenges of planning for the costs of care.

We work with accredited care finance experts who can guide you through a number of options including measures such as equity release and tax-efficient financial policies designed to cover costs.