It’s an Amanda double-act for Corinium

Two new staff have joined the award-winning team at live-in care agency Corinium Care.

Amanda Shield joins head office in Nailsworth as Care Manager alongside Amanda West-Sadler who is Corinium’s new Training and Care Manager.

Amanda West-Sadler was brought up in Zambia, gained a degree in psychology in Bolton and began working with adults with learning disabilities.

Amanda Shield, left, and Amanda West-Sadler
Amanda Shield, left, and Amanda West-Sadler

She developed her training skills during 16 years with the Ministry of Defence which culminated in managing e-learning centres across the world. She then delivered motivational and employability training.

“Good training for our carers is at what makes Corinium such an outstanding company and it’s great to be part of that,” she said.

Amanda Shield was a carer with Corinium for six years and is now using that experience to ease new carers into the job.

“Having been a carer prepared me quite a bit. I know how nerve-wracking it can be for new carers who turn up for their training, not really knowing what to expect,” she said.

“If I could have described my dream job, this would be it,” she added. “Corinium is an amazing company. I’ve never come across so much kindness and consideration. There is never a bad atmosphere even when it’s incredibly busy. There is huge generosity throughout.”

Corinium MD Clare Janik welcomed both Amandas. “Corinium Care continues to grow in a very competitive market, and it’s imperative that we have the best people to maintain our position as one of the best in the UK. They both do us proud,” she said.